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Listen to an audio testimonial from
Victoria Summers, Exec. Director, Summers Academy of Dance and the Berkshire Ballet Theatre, Crystal Lake, IL

YOU direct our Fashion designers, not the case when dealing with a catalog supplier. Your true Custom Warm-ups from Cheer Factor®, can reflect the spirit, uniqueness and professionalism of your team or studio. No-one offers you the creative freedom and unsurpassed value like Cheer Factor® - The Warm-up Co.

Warm-ups are used for more than just traveling apparel, walk-ons or community team identifiers. Warm-ups are what Dance studios, Praise Dance Ministries, Gymnastics and All-star Cheer teams, even Synchro Swimming and Skating teams are creating for their Performance Uniforms and Costumes.

See what Cheer Factor® has created for teams across America. 

SubDi II Full Body –Sublimation Apparel Unmatched in the Industry!

Cheer Factor once again, leads the apparel industry with the introduction of true custom “original” Warm-ups and Costumes that YOU create in full body “sublimation”. Not the case with online/catalog companies that use standard designs allowing you to change the base color and add your logo. With Cheer Factor YOU work with a fashion designer that creates your SubDi II apparel from the ground up. You won’t see other studios/teams wearing your apparel at competition and we never discontinue your warm-ups! Here are a few SubDi II warm-ups/costumes to show what is possible!


The exclusive “Razor Fit” by Cheer Factor the ultimate in sculpture fit warm-ups!

This tight fitting warm-up was developed by request by our fashion design team for Dance / Ballet studios, gymnastics and skating teams who wanted that no-cuff, no waistband look and one that fits like a glove. This unique pattern allows for sleeves to have the ever popular tapered arm with or without “thumb hole”. Normally teamed up with our Yoga style pants there is no missing this look. Photo shows our proportion fit flare leg pants that allow for a performance walk-on appearance. Our warm-ups are created in our moisture wicking 11 oz. or 14.5 oz Performance Poly, available in over 49 colors, unmatched in the industry.




Introducing the MicroMini Warm-up by Cheer Factor®

The long awaited custom Micro-Mini "crop" design, has been adopted by All-Star competitive cheer programs across the country. This unique, ultra snug fit can easily be layered for stunting or color contrast visual enhancement.

Created with our exclusive close knit contour knitted cuffs and waistband, this design allows for a myriad of contrasting or matching colors to make it your own. Coupled with our proportion fit pants in Capri, Straight (boot-cut), Flare, or Side Slit design, all with no-charge custom made-to-length pants, makes Cheer Factor the Warm-up of choice for the nations leading teams, studios, and clubs in America.

Hard to find Colors just another reason Cheer Factor leads the industry.
Swim Teams, Dive into Cheer Factor


Because we can dye fabric or accent trim to match your hard to find color, there are endless possibilities. You do not have to compromise by getting something stock from a catalog supplier that does not quite match your costume colors, your studio, or your logo colors.

With the largest color palette in the industry, one of our 49 colors, including hologram reflective fabric, can give you an array of design possibilities never before available. Plus our ability to dye as well as sublimate fabrics with zebra, cheetah, tiger patterns, army camo, and even your team logo in fabric, are all possibilities when working with Cheer Factor.

This Competition Warm-up features angle inserts and incorporates hard to find teal fabric with detailed metallic silver piping in a clever geometric design that is clean and timeless.

Whether you create your Swim warm-up for travel or on the deck, you have the ability to separate your Swim team like never before. Our high performance fabrics incorporate moisture management fibers. You can incorporate additional, strategically placed, air mesh fabric inserts for additional high velocity drainage if you wear your warm-up seconds after getting out of the pool. Because we never discontinue a design, you can be assured that you can re-order year after year. By working with our fashion designers, YOU can create a warm-up that sets your swim team apart both at practice and at high profile meets.

This Royal Blue Warm-up with Hot Pink accent stripes, includes full-length tear away pants. But this Pennsylvania based Swim Club also wanted matching shorts to round out the look resulting in a practical use of form and fashion.

Skating Warm-ups for Synchro Teams and Figure Skating Clubs Cheer Factor has set a new Standard
Color Guard Warm-ups...
now the Ultimate Costume from Cheer Factor!

Whether you are creating a form-fitting sleek black warm-up for testing or a One-of-a-kind design, Cheer Factor allows YOU to make a difference in your "On- Ice" presence or as traveling apparel. Working with our Fashion designers allows you to express, in a design, what separates your Skating team from all the others - not the case when ordering from a catalog.

And because fit and functionally are key with Skaters, we have five Jacket and four pant styles. This includes full or partial zippered legs, and full or partial tear-away legs, with no-charge custom inseams to fit your entire team.

For that extra dazzle on the ice, have your warm-ups created with your logo in Rhinestones, Rhinestuds, Metallic Twill, or Reflective Embroidery (another aspect that separates our in-house design capabilities).

Color and Pageantry are synonymous with Color Guard, Winter Guard and Flag Teams. Now the ability to add color in a meaningful way to your Field Costume or Traveling Apparel has given this market countless opportunities to create what no one has.

Because YOU start with a clean slate, "What you can dream, We can Create" ™ takes on a completely new meaning when working with Cheer Factor. This navy design incorporates broadband lime green end slot inserts in a free flow-wrap pattern that has a hidden shoulder zipper. The affect is startling! The shoulder zipper allows for a "pull-over" look, yet maintains the flexibility for quick changing when needed. A similar slot pant insert that curves at the pant leg shows you that fashion is another reason Cheer Factor is the Warm-up company of choice.

Two Jackets Now the Trend!

Designing Warm-ups with our Fashion Design team is exhilarating in itself, not to mention a Cheer Factor exclusive. However, teams across the country have discovered by designing a completely different jacket from the Warm-up design they have just created can give a visual split to allow for the Warm-ups to be used as a performance uniform/costume, competition walk-ons and even practice wear at a fraction of the cost of two warm-ups.

Cheer Factor can produce this unique concept to enhance your apparel footprint, and now we are providing the studio owners/coaches with the option of producing just the jacket. This is especially helpful to those teams whose requirements might be a form fitting , proportion fit or a loose fit jacket to accompany a Hip-Hop, Dance or Skating costume.

Introducing, the Cheer Factor® Ultra Snug fit Warm-Up

Snug FIt Snug FIt This performance Warm-up integrates a myriad of design motion insert techniques that enable a very tight fit, yet with a full 360 degree motion potential.  The result, an excellent slimming jacket visually and the fit almost becomes part of you.  UCDC one of South Carolina's nationally recognized Dance programs,  has put the new design to the test and with excellent results in both fit, performance and crowd approval.

The fabric (Performance Poly 11 oz) and the design work in harmony, allowing for a tapered waist with center rotation, along with shoulder and arm flex potential.  This Warm-up created in red with a ¾ inch white diagonal fabric insert and black, has made a statement at competitions for UCDC. And because you create the look,  your design can have the same fit but a totally different look, thanks to Cheer Factor's proprietary design process.

“We’ve put the best of our fashion design team together to formulate the Ultra Snug pattern; it has more than filled the need of Dance, Gymnastic, All-Star Cheerleading and Synchronized Skating teams nationally.  It’s in a class all by itself ...from style, fit, function, and floor presence", noted James Preste, Director of Marketing.



Snug FIt

Pewter and Pink Steals the Show!

No CuffKnown as the trendsetter, when it comes to Warm-up fashion, Cheer Factor has taken even the classic striped warm-up to a new level. On runways in New York and across America, Grey has taken the front seat as this seasons fashion color. Downstage Dance Company, an Illinois based studio sought the fashion design team to create this alluring Pewter Grey and Dance Pink striped warm-up. With it’s portion fit body, contrasting zipper and custom length pant inseams it make this timeless buttoned up design in style for years to come. Thanks to Cheer Factor, Downstage Dance Co. will be able to re-order for many years, as Cheer Factor does not discontinue styles like catalog companies. “We are proud of our fashion designers who stay on top of the fashion scene so our warm-ups can always be a step ahead of anything in the market. We thank our loyal following we’ve established with the leading Dance, Gymnastics, All-Star Cheer and Synchro Skating programs/teams throughout America. Because of our fashion designers and apparel value, we have become the most requested Warm-up in America” noted James Preste, Cheer Factor-Director of Marketing.


No-Cuff, No Waistband Motion Enhanced Warm-up only from Cheer Factor®!

No Cuff Choice, Style, Fit and endless design possibilities have become synonymous with Cheer Factor and we thank the hundreds of teams across the US and Canada that have chosen us.  Warm-ups are our only business and this creation once again shows off our fashion design department.  Our 11 oz. performance poly intensifies this free flowing motion design.  Fabric inserts add spot color for a slimming visual effect, and the No Cuff, No Waistband concept, make it a stand alone signature for Andrea’s Dance Works who worked closely with our design team to make it happen.  Synchro skating teams and gymnastic teams have found this design especially inviting as well.

Kinetic Expressions Makes A Move

Dance Uniforms That Make A Statement


©Copyright Cheer Factor Inc. January 2006, All Rights Reserved.
This leading Daytona Beach dance studio needed a fresh look after moving into new digs. A white Performance Poly 11oz. Warm-up was created with a 1 ¼" Accent stripe in metallic red and iridescent black strategically placed on the jacket cuffs and waistband and down the pant legs draws attention when this competition dance team performs across the country. A cadet collar, full zip jacket with pouch pockets and custom inseams are just a few of the 26 No-Charge options only from Cheer Factor.

Perfectly designed Warm-up, created as a Dance uniform for this DC based Studio. A spectacular use of double piping, across body/arm fabric inserts and a single leg spiral insert color block, has turned more than a few heads at many a competition. The floor presence has been overwhelming noted the Studio owner, we wanted sleek and sophisticated and we got that and more working with the Cheer Factor design team. See our testimonials page. Produced in Performance Poly 11 oz in jet black, with a cadet collar and side seam pockets with flare pant legs.

New York based Dance Company
Turns on the Style

All-Star Cheer Squad creates
standout clean design

Attention to detail, innovative customer focused designs and memorable floor presence is what separates Cheer Factor and this studio warm-up is no different.  This design is highlighted by the intricate strips of black material that were inserted throughout the white fabric based jacket.  The fold-over collar, cuffs and waistband utilized this same design principle only in reverse.  The white pants with its broad black inserts helped to make this NY Dance Co. Warm-up a true fashion statement.

This simplistic style Purple and Red Competition Warm-up, was achieved by using contrast color cuffs and waistband and a clean 2 inch leg insert, which proves that “less is more” in this 11 oz. Performance poly competition warm-up.   Gone are the multitudes of stripes that are common practice with catalog companies. Cheer Factor's design team continues to make the difference, nationally.
Indy Race Costume becomes reality for nationally ranked Reign 247
Lime Green Warm-up -
Turns heads for Placer Dance Team

Vancouver based Skyview – Reign 247’s design challenge, was to re-create an Indy styled dance costume for their nationally ranked dance team.  Collaboration with our design staff began by creating a 3” wide checkered flag accent trim for our proportion fit warm-up pattern.  We then utilized contrast black fabric on the cadet collar, cuffs and waistband.  For authenticity we crafted a matching dancer name patch for the chest and on the jacket back we used “Cruiser” typeface for the two color twill. These design elements all helped to tie together this 14.5 ounce performance poly “electric” Hot Pink athletic fit warm-up design.


Opposites attract, and the attention California based Placer Dance team has gained confirms the design they collaborated with our design team is on the mark.  Electric Lime Green inserts, coupled with metallic silver piping and 1 ½" Accent trim used in an opposite design pattern technique, makes for an individualized look which was the original design plan.  The use of a black twill outlined team appliqué and embroidery combination put the final touch on this traveling warm-up design.

Dancewear and Dance Costumes have come of Age, thanks to Cheer Factor's fashion designers!

Gone is the "so-so" dancewear design, Create an electrifying team vision in your apparel by working hands-on with a Cheer Factor designer through a myriad of fit, design and fabrication processes unique in the Warm-up business. Cheer Factor's proportion fit Male, Female and Youth (no unisex) patterns provide an unequaled professional performance fit, with the pattern designed to promote active movement and we utilize moisture management fabrics for a comfortable experience. Plus we offer 26 Exclusive Cheer Factor No-Charge options in over 40 colors that is unmatched by any company in the industry.

This Warm-up created in 11 oz performance polyester (four-way stretch fabric) is an outstanding example of what can be achieved with collaboration between customer and designer. Working together new patterns were developed, creating flowing color inserts with detailed piping in symmetry, plus perfect match insert extension from jacket to pants where precision pattern making and sewing techniques distinguish Cheer Factor Dance Costumes or Warm-ups in the marketplace.

Notice that this Dancewear Costume/Warm-up has been designed with a zipper that actually curves to match the flow of the jacket insert and piping. Then to promote depth to the design, white 1/2" inserts were added to the cuffs, waistband and collar for that unmistakable Cheer Factor floor presence.

Create your Warm-up with your studio logo or team name see what's possible on our Personalization page 

Hip Hop Dance Team from Carleton College
Dancewear that Raises the Design
Platform to a New Level

Whoa! Director and Team Captain

Hip-Hop Teams from across the country are Designing Cheer Factor Warm-ups to be used as a Performance Uniform, instead of their normal Costumes. The reason; the multiple uses that this Warm-up offers their team. Whether used as Jacket and Pants, as shown here, with a Rhinestone Performance T-shirt and pants, or a Jacket with a Skirt, this Warm-up has given the Dance community a new set of options. Warm-ups are not just for Traveling, Practice or as Walk-ons anymore, they are now Hip as Costumes.

Shown with 3” Bold Accent stripes uniquely placed underarms and as an arm band with logo twill on band and jacket back, produced in 14.5 oz Performance Polyester for a Warm-up that stands up to a dance routine and yet it’s moisture wicking properties keep the dancer cool and collected.

Our Fashion Designers continue to level the playing field with innovative Warm-ups. This Warm-up, produced for a New York based Dance Studio, includes 10.5 ounce Performance Poly in Brown and Columbia Blue. A wide Columbia blue band starts on the shoulder and continues down a portion of the center sleeve. Two, 1/2 inch inserts radiate from the bottom of the sleeve insert and continue down to the cuffs. Columbia blue was used for the cuffs, back waistband, and provides a front tipped accent to the fold-over collar. Front parallel zipper inserts create a strong visual that is offset with our new-Slim Style horizontal pockets. To complete the look, the pants feature a matching wide band and double line vertical inserts to create a new degree of sophistication for this studio and performance costume.

Warm-ups With Fashion …Uniquely Cheer Factor!

49 Colors to Choose From - Here are just a few !

Create your Warm-up with your studio logo or team name see what's possible on our Personalization page 

Known as the only “true” One-of-a-kind custom manufacturer, our fashion designers continue to push the envelope, when it comes to creative Warm-up approaches. A Florida based Dance Studio came to us, because of the many teams the dance studio director saw at Nationals, with Cheer Factor Warm-ups…..“and they all looked different”, she noted. The challenge; to incorporate pink in a highly refined free flowing design. The result, arm to arm color with an arched chest and back, matching and contrasting cuffs, contrasting cadet collar and zipper and it features a smooth no-pocket jacket in the “slim fit“ jacket design.. The Warm-up pants adorn an unusual one-leg color insert, in a stylized L shaped pattern, that presents itself from both the front and back of the pant and incorporates our unique open end flare bottom. Our Fashion Designers love to think “outside” the box and they are here to help you at no-charge, to collaborate on your Warm-up.

No other company offers you more, in color choices and fabrics! Here are some of our 40 Colors: Lime Green, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Lavender, Rose, Fuchsia, Steel Blue, Purple, Tan, Baby Blue, Brown, Columbia Blue, Texas Orange, Teal, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Turquoise, plus 4 shades of Gray and an array of pastel colors as well.

Our Cold weather fabrics include Micro fleece 11.5 oz. and our Signature Wooley 14.5 oz. Performance Poly fabrics are available in Warm and Cold Weather weights 10.5 oz. 11oz. 11.5 oz. 14.5 oz. and now in 15.5 ounce. Because we are a true custom manufacturer, we can also special order fabrics of your choosing, to produce your Cheer Factor Warm-ups.

We have fabrics that perform and look great from Alaska to Florida and everywhere in between.

Warm-ups from Youth to Adult with Fuchsia Accents
Team Designed Warm-up Gets Rave Reviews

San Jose, California based Dance Force LLC, created this clean yet sleek design in performance polyester for their Competition team. A hot pink and metallic silver 1" trim stripe, highlighted the Warm-up. Full back and chest studio logo embroidery created the right identifier for the team. With Youth sizes from 4-14 and Adults XS to XXXL your entire squad can be as one, not to mention pant leg lengths made to size at no-charge.

The buzz around Alameda High School is the new Cheerleading Warm-ups the team designed. The Hornets created a confident all black performance poly Warm-up with a 1 ½ inch iridescent athletic yellow and black accent stripe, cadet collar, matching black zipper, no-pockets and side slit pants. Black on gold twill, was used on the jacket back as the team identifier and Varsity and JV highlighted the front of the jackets. A cool look in breathable 11oz. fabric, for this leading California Cheer Team.

Benilde-St. Margaret's Dance Team

The Benilde - St. Margaret's Dance Team designed a straight forward clean design with coach's warm-ups in contrasting black.

AA State Champions asked us to design a matching Skirt to compliment there Cheer Factor Warm-ups ….stylish and functional.




Ballet Warm-ups for Berkshire Ballet Theatre

Illinois based Berkshire Ballet Theatre, (performing company) designed a warm-up that has it all. This sophisticated design that incorporates 11 oz. Performance poly, one inch solid Maryland gray accent trim with matching cadet collar and a full front zipper and pouch pockets. This Warm-up features our new Raglan sleeve jacket, perfect for those petite dancers. Because our patterns have been designed to accommodate body proportions for female, male and youth, our warm-ups have a fit that is unique only to Cheer Factor®.

“Cheer Factor is an exceptional company with integrity, we are proud of the relationship we’ve established with them.” Victoria Summers, Exec. Director Berkshire Ballet Theatre ( for more Testimonials click here )


All-Star Cheer Squad Creates Confidence Builder

Sleek and Stylish

This Performance Polyester Warm-up, features an array of vertical fabric inserts to give a slimming appearance to the already Slim Fit Warm-up design. Color runners are seen under arms and jacket sides and exterior pant legs. A cadet collar and smooth “no-pocket” front enhances this sleek competition …Walk - On.

The Spirit Is In The Dance

The Rochester Mayo coach designed this superb use of Kelley green with Metallic Gold piping in a very different way. The fabric insert was used under the length of the arms and down the side of the jacket, a very slimming look with a Kelley green insert in the hood as well, for added color and warmth. The Warm-up pants adorn the same insert with double metallic gold piping. The low back twill (not shown) includes the words “Spirits” in Kelley green and Metallic Gold to add to the sophisticated design approach.

Nationally ranked Las Vegas Elements wanted a hint of Columbia blue to set them apart at competitions. The Warm-up design took on a flare all its own. It started with a diagonal chest insert that also included the left arm and ¼ inch white piping to help add dimension. The jacket top was created in the “mini hoodie” style, a shorter jacket than our athletic cut. A Columbia Blue pyramid insert with white piping, tied together the concept in the Warm-up pants. The teams logo was positioned on the jacket hood for maximum visual impact.

Breathtaking Design Approach

An example of working with our design staff, allows for this Out-of-the-Box, 14.5 oz. Wooley Warm-up. Attention to detail enables geometric color fabric inserts to work in harmony. And special order Teal fabric made it a reality.

With us, you can name your fabric choice and we will source it. However our use of 4 designer fabrics, some in over 40 colors allows you endless possibilities that stock catalog companies can’t offer.


YMCA's Fly Dance Team Takes Flight

Washington-based dance program pulls from the color pallette for this bold statement. A uniquely positioned 2" rainbow accent trim in Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green flows around the sleeves and across the jacket front. We added a white fold-over collar and pouch pockets to the jacket and paired this with white pants that included angle inserts in black. This unique design was created in our popular 11oz. Performance Poly. A distinctive jacket back logo design ties it all together in matching 4 color Twill and Embroidery.

The Accent is on Dance

This Dance coach wanted to distinguish her team using accent trim as the design element. Taking a bold approach, we created a 2’’ three color Accent Trim stripe in Royal Blue White and Gold. The trim was used to highlight jacket front, cuffs and waist band and side slit pant design.



This Slim-fit Warm-up in 11.5 oz. Performance poly, allows your team to stay cool with its moisture wicking characteristics

Collegiate Dance Team at St. Benedicts Changes Look

Last year the team wanted a simple black micro fleece warm-up with red/white double piping. This year we created an all new look. They wanted something with bold color blocks. We decided on Performance Poly 11 oz. a lighter feeling fabric so they could be used as Walk-ons before competition. The result, we designed inserts for the chest and arms in red, a fold-over collar, red zipper and sleek solid black pants with white chest embroidery. The outcome…”Our warm-ups have given us a professional edge at competition”. Sarah Henning - Team Captain

Synchro Stars
Create your Warm-up with your studio logo or team name see what's possible on our Personalization page 

Take a look at the Royals


Subtle elegance was created in this sleek design in performance black polyester, incorporates contrasting royal blue designer accent bands, set off with metallic silver double piping on both jacket and pants. The use of metallic twill and embroidery for the team identity enhances this already outstanding understated Cheer Factor warm-up.

Sonics….. Coach Inspired
Performance Warm-up


A unique use of solid block and contrast color in jacket sleeves and hood. Also tone on tone and white on maroon detail piping with stylized full back embroidery and twill and chest personalization give this dance team a totally awesome floor presence.

Time To Be Dazzled

Dance coach directed this bold striking warm-up. The concept uses clean line design elements, for a memorable first impression. Our popular cadet collar and pouch pockets we used work nicely with the 1 ¼” metallic red and silver accent trim. Team personalization includes right chest Star twill with team name on back in two color Red on Metallic Silver twill.

Middle School Cheer Team-Georgia’s Stockbridge

From All-Star Cheer, Collegiate and High School Teams to the up and coming Middle School Cheer Programs, Cheer Factor’s unique fit, youth styling (sizes 4-14) Adult XS-XXL and the ability to create what YOU want, has Middle schools across the country having us create the floor presence they desire.

A skillful use of color inserts, have been used in this Competition Warm-up. A contrasting jacket with underarm inserts and fold-over collar are in contrast to the pants, which include the side panel inserts in opposite colors of the jacket. The letter “S” used as an icon, was used in twill with Cheerleader embroidered across the twill, rounds out this practical warm-up. Created in Performance Poly 11 oz. with Forest Green, White, and with ¼” Orange detail piping, this warm-up is a stand-out, not to be forgotten.

Indianapolis Dance... Contrast Design Elements
Here’s a great example of how a few of our 26 No-Charge Custom options work together. Note the contrast pant and jacket style with coordinated contrast jacket cuffs, waistband, zipper and draw cord. With no Accent trim striping used, this design for Pike Spectacular commands attention. Created in our warm microfleece fabric.

Doize’ Dream Team

A bold stated design for this nationally ranked California based dance company. Features our fold-down collar design and a 2” royal blue metallic performance stripe to give this competition Warm-up the dominant presence required at competition. Metallic stars adorn the jacket representing years of membership.

As seen on the TODAY Show
Al Roker picked the Concordia College Dance Team out of the crowd at a recent visit while attending a competition in NYC. This standout Athletic Design incorporates an athletic gold fabric insert on chest and hood with matching trim to give the Maroon performance polyester Warm-up a bold distinctive look not soon to be forgotten.

Rochestor All-Stars

This nationally ranked All-Star team created a White warm-up with a 1 inch, 5-stripe trim to separate this cheer team at competition.

Vertical team name placed down pant leg in Red twill adds additional floor impact.

A True Show Stopper

The exceptional Micro Fleece design incorporates vertical and geometric fabric inserts and detailed edge piping. This three color show stopper is what designing the Cheer Factor Warm-up you’ve always wanted, is all about.



Create your Warm-up with your studio logo or team name. See what's possible on our Personalization page 

Bold and Dramatic

This Warm-up has it all - horizontal and vertical fabric block inserts in this Wooley stand out Warm-up.

Hooded jacket includes color contrast fabric with detail back inserts and arm fabric bands. Coordinated pants include full leg inserts and horizontal ankle bands to make this that One-Of-A-Kind Warm-up you’ve dreamed about.

AAA POM Dance Champions
Illinois State Drill Team Champions St. Charles North, designed this Warm Wooley in Royal Blue and Black with detail piping on jacket chest and pants. The pants feature our exclusive concealed snap design, (tear-away) pants with no exposed rivets. This makes the pants clean, yet the snaps are functional for ease of use, or during a performance.

All the Bells, Whistles and Buttons

A simply remarkable competition Warm-up that incorporates a new dimension in Warm-up design. Incorporating fabric flaps on jacket front and back with color contrast star shaped accent buttons, and side underarm color bars, contrasting cuffs and waistband. The hood features 3 color fabric inserts in band and geometric shapes. The pants and jacket are tied together by metallic colored accent trim. The pants also feature a 12” hidden pleat, white fabric side insert at the pant bottom, for the ultimate in floor presence.

Warm and Wonderful by Design

This striking Cardinal Red Wooley design features an open bottom jacket with a horizontal fabric band. Detailed solid and double stripe accent trim on the sleeves is topped off with shoulder accent buttons. The jacket is accompanied by matching Warm-up pants with detail ankle fabric bands and buttons as well.

We’ve Revved Up This Design

This racy form fitting black and white Warm-up really extends the imagination. The mini style jacket features our popular cadet collar, diagonal color inserts and black on white trim. The pant leg side inserts have off set blocks of color with the centered Black on White trim to coordinate with the jacket. This distinctive look is not soon to be forgotten. This smart looking Warm-up is sure to get your team geared up for the upcoming season.

(Jacket shown in our New Slim Fit Design)



Irish Dance Teams choose Cheer Factor!


Dance with the Irishettes

A superbly designed Navy and Pastel Yellow performance poly Warm-up. Full arm and ¾" arm color inserts, were used as a body cross-over and finished off with a contrasting navy cadet collar. To draw attention to leg movement, a single leg double curve was created as a pant leg insert. Team name and school Irish clover in Kelley green completes this Dance Warm-up. Another example of what can be created when coach and our design team work together.

Brainerd Kixters Competition Dance Team

The nationally ranked Brainerd Kixters Dance Team, helped design this innovative 10.5 oz. Performance Poly Warm-up a featuring chest color insert, with solid jacket back. Double detailed piping borders both sides of the Royal Blue underarm color inserts and pant leg inserts as well. A combination of embroidery and twill letters add to a professional finishing touch.






Create your Warm-up with your studio logo or team name. See what's possible on our Personalization page 

Hip Hop Kidz - Florida’s Dance Connection

One of the nations leading Hip Hop Dance Programs, founded by fitness expert and program creator Suzy Stone based in Florida with programs in NY, NJ and CA, chose Cheer Factor to create their performance Warm-ups! A sleek, yet bold Warm-up created in bright Florida orange 10.5 oz. performance poly, with Columbia Blue and White 1” accent stripes.

This design incorporates an athletic fit jacket with cadet collar, contrasting zipper, EZ drawcord pants, with side slit legs and custom length pant inseams. The studio name (logo) in twill on both jacket back and left mid thigh of pants, sets the look for a unique stage presence. A distinctive design, for a distinctive dance program.

Wooley Practice Warm-up

Designed with both vertical and horizontal color bar inserts, this "custom" Warm-up looks great and will keep you warm at both practice and when traveling.

Tucson Dance Force 1 makes it's mark

Pyramid Silver fabric wedges, Silver top stitching with an open bottom waistband and cuff design in Purple, set the stage for this Dance Studio competition team. An example of the possibilities when the Studio Owner is involved in the design process.

Subtle Sophistication at it’s Best

This studio directed design, includes 2 toned gray and black 14.5 oz. performance polyester. The athletic styled jacket incorporates our new hidden side pocket design. The jacket sleeves include one quarter arm color band, that adds dimension and helps project a sophisticated, slightly intimidating image expressed by the studio owner - “the warm-up projects the “stand-alone” image we were looking for.” It’s hard to miss the large gray twill on the back, a signature trademark of Company 84, one of California’s leading dance studio competition teams.

Official Warm-up of Miss Dance Team Minnesota.

This sleek design shown in Royal Blue 10.5 oz. Performance Poly with White and Red accent trim achieves subtle elegance.

Julie Schmit, Miss Dance Team Minnesota from
Totino Grace High School

Cheer Signs

Competition fabric cheer signs with approximatly 9 inch letters for easy visibility.  Make "custom" with your colors and copy.


Dance Team Design Challenge

We designed a fresh competition Warm-up with Capri pants including Purple geometric fabric inserts.  We accomplished it in our normal 28 day delivery ahead of an upcoming competition for a nationally ranked dance studio competition team.

Team Spirit

Ready for competition - Holy Angels Dance Team created this One-Of-A-Kind coordinated spirit package.  It features a white (10.5 Performance Poly) jacket with contrasting cuffs, waistband, zippers and drawcords, and contrasting Warm-up pants.  A warm (Wooley) jacket for practice was also created along with matching beanie, mittens, and stadium blanket.

Competition Cheer Team Takes a Stand

Bold color inserts with double piping on pants and jacket separate this Richfield competition team. Shown in Black and Red 14.5 oz. Performance Polyester.



Nationally ranked teams across America choose Cheer Factor®

Incorporating team colors in Accent Trim and Piping along with custom personalization make these Warm-ups shown in Performance Poly (White) and Micro Fleece (Black and Athletic Gold) project a simple clean statement for Members of the Nationally Ranked SCSU Collegiate Competitive Cheer Team.


Stay Warm and Look Great!

Shown in Red and Black (11.5 oz. Performance Polyester) with white diagonal piping, chest and pant side air vent panels and waist to knee zippers makes this "custom" design hard to beat. It breaths yet keeps you warm.

You can think outside the box.  Our fashion design team can create the warm-up you've always wanted.

Rough-Out Practice Warm-up

A blend of Black and Grey Micro Fleece enables this design to achieve a breakthrough look in spirit apparel for a Big Ten School's Womens Sorority. This unique garment is possible because you work with our designers.

Rough-out stitching adds unsurpassed detail to these "custom" designs.

Special Order Fabrics are Routine at Cheer Factor®
State Champions!

Besides being able to work in collaboration with a Fashion Designer to create your Performance Costume or Traveling Warm-up, you can choose the fabric you want us to use in creating your Warm-up

There is no need to select any of our four proven Performance Designer Fabrics, some available in over 49 colors, when you send us a sample or tell us fabric content and color and we can source it. Now we can even dye the fabric to your shade, create a pattern with your logo or even animal prints like zebra, tiger even army camo. The result, even more choices for you only from Cheer Factor ™.



Our newest Designer Fabrics include four-way stretch Hologram, Shattered Glass, and Laser Dot Performance Fabrics.


Armstrong Volleyball designed this unique color combination in Royal and Red 10.5 oz. Performance Polyester.  They command attention both on and off the court.

Create your Warm-up with your studio logo or team name see what's possible on our Personalization page 

So Many Colors to Choose From

Hard to find colors are no problem. We have over 40 to choose from. This Black/Grey/Columbia Blue-Micro Fleece "Custom" has all the style and class needed to make a statement for a leading LA Dance team.

The Kelly Green Performance Poly, does the same for an Iowa competition Cheer squad.

Clean and Comfortable Fabric Warm-up

Incorporating double piping, geometric fabric designs and color leg inserts this Performance Poly-White/Brown/Gold Warm-up was a show stopper at competition in Illinois.

Unequalled Floor Presence


Attention to detail is what makes Cheer Factor different.  This custom Warm-up with Green contrast stitching against Navy, Purple, and Green Performance Polyester includes triangle color inserts, helps to put this Michigan dance team in a class by itself.  Note the open cuff and waistband design allowed for a sleek polished look.

Youth Sizes

The best fitting youth size warm-ups with the same detail as our adult designs have All-Star cheer teams and dance studios across the country competing with confidence.

Youth Sizes 4 to 14

Athletic Look Still A Classic


Royal Blue 11 oz. moisture wicking Performance Polyester, is the basis for this strong traditional design that includes pouch pockets, 1 ½” three stripe trim, matching zipper and contrasting drawcords . Warm-up pants incorporate the exclusive Cheer Factor concealed snap (tear-away) open bottom pants.

From Iowa to California these teams wear Wooley well.

They both made their mark with Red Wooley hooded warm-ups, featuring accent trim and customization with twill / embroidery personalization.

Iowa Cardinals Comp cheer and Pasadena's Maranatha High School. Matching beanies and mittens compliment this practice warm-up.

Recording Artists… Sets the Stage

Stunt team Warm-up of choice

For recording artists the “Olympic Hopefuls”, stage presence means everything. The group wanted something memorable, yet not over the top, when performing. The solution, a Columbia Blue Warm-up with fold-over collar, full zipper in white, pouch pockets and detailed hot orange piping, created this sleek stage clothing. Under black light it’s also most hypnotic. Produced in breathable 11 oz. Performance Poly

Our Signature Wooley fabric helps this Co-ed Partner Team stay warm and look great prior to their performance. Our Comfort V™ neck line allows for a comfortable fit, while the contrasting red zippers and drawcords add distinction. Both Male and Female designs, so they fit great!






Exclusive Youth Size Patterns

No One offers the fit, style and growth options we include at no-charge, in our Youth Warm-ups. Sizes 4 to 14.

White Hoodie

Hoodies made especially for your Booster Club or Parent support squad.

The above style is shown in White Wooley with Pink piping. Help your bleacher cheer squad look their best.

To get started on Designing your One-Of-A-Kind Warm-up see our Create Your Warm-Up and Request Workbook tabs from our Home page.

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